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Adjustable Dog Wheel Chairs for Handicapped Dogs

The dog wheels are extremely beneficial and they can be adjusted accordingly to fit the size and weight of your handicapped dog.

Dogs being very active animals love to move around all the time, but when they are faced with immobility due to sickness or injury it becomes very hard for the dogs and their owners. Dog wheels are customized to provide maximum comfort to your disabled or handicapped pet. Adjustable dog wheels provide a perfect fit to your handicapped or immobile pet because they can be adjusted according to his/her size and weight. These wheels certainly benefit your pets by improving their mobility, so that they are at ease, even when their health or growth changes rapidly.

If your pet dog is paralyzed or injured, then buying dog wheels is your only option to make his/her movement more comfortable and a lot easier. Movement inability is common in dogs that suffer from disability and injury. Even though this is common it does not have to be the end of their life. Buying dog wheels to overcome this problem, your pet dog will get his/her much-needed exercise to live a healthy and a happy life.

Some of the most common reasons that cause immobility in dogs are spinal cord rupture, disc disease, front and back leg amputation, arthritis, neurological disorder, fractured back, hip dysplasia, chronic leg weakness, paralysis, etc. If your dog is subjected to any of these disorders or injuries, you could go online and purchase dog carts to facilitate his/her movement. Otherwise it would be difficult for you and your pet if you have to carry him/her around all the time. The use of these wheels will allow your pet to move, play and run like before. These wheels are available in many varieties and they are reasonably priced.

Before you buy the dog wheels it is better to do a little bit of research to pick the one that suits your dog. Adjustable wheels are the best option to buy, as they are cost-effective. The earlier versions were all custom made and expensive. The adjustable wheels allow the owners to fit them according to their pet's requirement and can also be used for any other pet in the future. As these wheels can be easily folded, you can carry your pet along with you while traveling. Adjustable wheels must be purchased after consulting with your dog's veterinarian to ensure that you buy the right and the appropriate one. Buying these wheels online will take just minutes and they will be shipped the very next day.

Dog wheels are definitely the right solution to overcome your pet's movement problems and maintain him/her in better shape.

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4 Helpful Items Handicapped Dogs

Carriers and Slings. 

These slings can be used for dogs, cats and other small animals, usually accommodating pets up to 20 pounds. 

Hip & Joint Supplements. 

As dogs age, many of them suffer from arthritis and joint problems. Excessive inflammation puts pressure on their joints and causes moderate to severe pain, leading to impaired mobility. Cartilage degeneration is a progressive and debilitating disorder that can also impair mobility. Top-quality hip & joint supplements are available as treats for dogs with arthritis or joint problems. Read labels carefully to ensure supplements contain the most effective agents for the support and maintenance of healthy joints and cartilage.

Four of the best agents are:

1) green-lipped mussels harvested off the pristine coast of New Zealand to reduce inflammation in the joints;
2) MSM;
3) Glucosamine; and
4) Manganese to support healthy cartilage. Research supports the effectiveness of green-lipped mussels in reducing inflammation, so be sure your supplement contains this ingredient.

Lifting Harnesses.
A hand-held harness to help lift older and handicapped dogs provides an easy assist getting dogs in and out of vehicles and up and down stairs. The harness gently cushions your dog's body while its sturdy handles help you lift. This is great for dogs with hip or back problems and also for people with back problems trying to help their larger dogs.

Dog Litter Box

Although you may not have considered a litter box as a handicap aid for your small dog, it could make all the difference. As dogs age or become handicapped, they simply can't "hold it" or make it down stairs to get outside. When people have handicap challenges, they have access to specially equipped bathroom stalls, handrails, ramps, and other assists to their physical needs. As valued members of our families, we can also help our dogs with similar assists for their needs. 

Compassionate care for our handicapped dogs can include simple litter box training to assist with their bathroom needs. Similar to a specially equipped bathroom stall designed for people, we can provide a litter box that is designed specifically for dogs. For ease of using an indoor bathroom station, handicapped dogs need one with a very shallow entrance to allow them to enter and exit easily and safely. If the litter box with a shallow entrance also has a taller back and sides, it will give dogs something to brace against when relieving themselves. It is certainly possible to teach an old dog new tricks, and an older or handicapped dog can easily be re-trained to use a doggy litter box instead of going outside. With successful re-training, these dogs can renew a sense of accomplishment and also fulfill their inherent need to please us.

As members of our families, dogs enrich our lives and give us love, loyalty, and laughter. Our commitment to their care is no less than what we'd give the human members of our families. We return their loyalty to us by compassionately caring for them in their "golden years".

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